Why breakfast is important for children?

Students’ well-being is one of the fundamental duties of a good school. But, at times, our students suffer because of oversight on the part of both the school and parents. This negligence, sometimes, is because of lack of communication between teachers and parents. Breakfast, as we all know, is one of the most important meals and it is often said to be the most important meal of the day “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.

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Tips for primary and middle school students to improve their public speaking skills

To make their child confident and good speaker of English language’ is at the top of the wish-list of parents, when their child is admitted to The City School.

One of the fundamental duties of a good school is to provide opportunities for all its students, irrespective of gender, background, mind-set, I mean, equal opportunities for all students. You know that we plan activities for students throughout the year, the main purpose is to give exposure to students to new situations and to increase their self-confidence. All our schools plan many debating and speech competitions at intra and inter-school levels. In these competitions, students discover a variety of learning experiences, including how to celebrate victory and how to accept defeat. An evaluated defeat is the stepping-stone to the next victory.

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Parenting; an at all times a difficult and challenging task

We all know that time moves rapidly and we all need to keep pace with the time, otherwise we may lag behind.

Today’s parenting is different rather then more difficult from what we had 20-30 years ago. If we recall our own times, our parents used to have more time for their kids, there was mostly a joint family system where other family members used to lend a hand in the bringing up of a child, there was no social media attack at that time, there was less stress for students in schools and  there was comparatively less competition in the market. Children at that time used to have more time for physical activities as there were no serious security issues and concerns.

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Admission season in the private education sector – a stressful time for parents

In some cities in Pakistan we are well provided with choice and there is competition for places. The admissions process involves a lot of steps and choices and takes time too.

How to choose and what to ask?

First look at O and A level results. What grades did the best students in the school achieve? This only tells you how a small group of pupils in 3 year groups have performed in a set of tests, on a segment of the curriculum. They are only part of the picture. Education experts around the world stress that it is crucial to look beyond.