Spotlight on Diversity

Are the Anti Bullying Measures Sufficient?

If there is something really compelling to start with, it’s the fact that you can never look good trying to make someone else look bad.

Bullying – being a person of the 21st century, I have witnessed this devastating reality of our society.

Quite strange, isn’t it? 

Calling ourselves the forward-thinking generation and claiming that we have taken over the world, what we have forgotten is to be humans.

This excruciating reality hits me hard every time I get to see a bully bullying someone.

Why do we even need to point out a person and tell them they’re not good enough?

What kind of wretched criteria have we set up in this society for someone to get settled?

Something, I believe, for sure is that the current measures taken are not at all sufficient.

Everyone is aware of the fact that the ratio of suicides because of getting bullied is increasing day by day.

It’s an absolutely dreadful harm that can ever be done in a society.

Have we come on this earth for the sake of pleasing strangers’ eyes?

Do we struggle for our whole lives just to make them happy?

These measures are never sufficient.

If a child is being himself, he is bullied for it.

If a teenager struggles for his dreams, he’s bullied for it.

If a woman starts doing a job to meet her needs, she’s bullied.

If a lady gets divorced, she is bullied.

Is there anything we are not bullied about?

We absolutely get so much perplexed at this point, where we are unable to face this dilemma.

If one goes for not bothering them, he’s bullied,

If one listens to them, he’s bullied either way.

So the truth lies in the fact that no matter how much flaunts we get to show to the world, we are not being the ones we are supposed to be at the first place.

“If you have to hurt other people in order to feel powerful, you are an extremely weak individual.” – Mattingly

If the security measures were sufficient, why would I and you all be seeing a new suicidal news every day?

To sum up everything that has been stated, we can clearly see the realism of this truth that “words cut deeper than the knives.”

This actively illustrates that bullying leaves bruises that never fade away…..

I wish with all my heart that this world becomes a peaceful place where everyone is accepted for what they really are because HE is the Best of Planners who created them!