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Education Evolution: A Wave of Technological Disruption

By Hira Naz

According to the World Bank, COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 1.6 billion children and youth to be out of school in 161 countries. This constitutes 80% of the world’s enrolled students.

As the world was brought to a halt, education community was forced to face the inevitable fragility that challenged it.

The solution; Technological disruption. Almost in a blink of an eye, the entire world started exploring smart solutions for their business and education industry was no exception. Today, schools and universities are joining hands with technologies partner that can bridge the gap between students and teachers. Hence beginning a new era of education technology.

The City School Group has always been at the forefront of adapting and introducing innovative education solutions in Pakistan. The year 2020, is no exception in the regard. With a profound understanding of importance and challenges facing the educational system of Pakistan, TSC leadership strengthen its students by becoming the “first school network to be awarded Microsoft Schools’ Status”. This is a huge step forward in preparing the next generation of technologically savvy students. The City School Network School has begun to transform education through globally recognised technology partners.

The network is not only implementing technology in the classrooms, but is also molding its teaching methodology, lesson planning and assessment practice to fully embrace advent of technological era in education.

The City School Group, in its efforts to maintain excellence in education has also entered into a collaboration with Century Tech. This London-based technology firm will deploy its world-leading Artificial Intelligence learning tools to benefit all students aged 7 to 18 across The City Schools’ national network – helping over 60,000 students. The City School students will learn English, Science and Mathematics and deliver unparalleled learning experience by personalising learning for each student – tailoring its vast library of teacher-created learning materials to their individual strengths, weaknesses and behaviors. Not only this, CENTURY will automatically mark students providing teachers, students and their families with data insights on their progress and enabling teachers to focus on student interventions.

To further this initiative, The City School will also integrate GL Education’s Assessment to monitor children’s education, mental health and wellbeing. GL Education has invested 35 years of rigorous research and development to establish globally recognized assessment tools that allow educationists to identify areas of concern such as student dis-engagement or those at risk of underachievement. The data can be analysed at school level down to the individual student, allowing the early identification of appropriate interventions. This tool will not only prove vital in improving learning experience but also teaching methodologies.

In a nutshell, as the technological intervention overtakes education community, The City School group also gears up to prepare its citizens for the future. With this investment in education technology today, students will be able to hold jobs of tomorrow as we sculpt them with the aid of AI, virtual learning and more.


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Learn German Language at The City School!

The City School network offers in-house German Language Course which students can avail at exclusive rates. These classes are available to students from Grades 9 and 10.

The purpose of opening the classes to students from these Grades, is that they can achieve the required language proficiency by the time they complete their A levels. 

There are many benefits of learning a foreign language as it helps to improve memory, increase attention span and improve ability to multi-task, among other advantages.

Germany has No Tuition Fees for International Students:

For students, however one of the biggest advantage of being proficient in the German language is that they can use it to study and live in Germany. Germany is a very attractive education destination, as it offers free of cost study options.

11 out of the 16 states in Germany have no tuition fees at all for international students who have proficiency in German, while some states require a maximum of only 500€ per year. In addition, Germany has the top university education in a wide range of disciplines and all of its degrees are internationally recognized.

The limited to no tuition fees for international students is just the tip of the iceberg. Germany also has the most affordable cost of living in Europe, so students won’t feel cash strapped, if they decide to head towards this country for their higher education.

Moreover, the nation also makes it comfortable for international students to survive there in form of a wide range of  work opportunities. International students are allowed to work for 120 full working days or 240 half working days in a year, in order to support themselves. Typical student wages range from 10 to 15 Euros an hour.

This is in sharp contrast to other countries where foreign students are not allowed to work depending on their visas, or don’t get paid well enough to support themselves.

Germany also provides substantial ease to international students when they have completed their studies. Foreign students are allowed to stay in the country, for 18 months after graduation, in the event that they are looking for a job or staying in Germany to look for a permanent job.

German Language- Path towards a Bright Future:

All these benefits of studying and living in Germany can only become available to Pakistani students, if they become proficient in the German language. Studying Germany right here in Pakistan at discounted rates from The City School, is the best option available to students from Classes 9 and 10.

This way they can acquire German language proficiency by the time they complete their A Levels, and are ready to go aboard for higher studies.

Besides offering foreign language proficiency in the form of teaching German language at exclusive rates, The City School also has highly trained career counselors, who help the students in applying and securing admission in the best German university of their choice.

Thus, in this way the students become well-equipped to pave the way for a bright future for themselves in Germany, through higher education and better career prospects.

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ITTE Project showcases Commitment to Quality Teacher-Training

The Initial Teacher Training Education (ITTE) is a specialized programme of The City School, addressing the pedagogical needs and skills required by new teachers, for effective transition into the teaching profession. It is aimed at developing new teachers professionally by giving them a blended learning experience of theory and practice, and thus raises standards by improving the educational performance of The City School’s students.  

This project was initiated in June 2019 in collaboration with the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education UK, to train 60 teacher educators across the network. The instructors in turn are now playing an instrumental role in training all other teachers who are new to The City School system or to the teaching profession.