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A story in essence breathes through details, description; expressing things substantially normal and mundane. “Every night after dinner, I went out to sit outside the yard. This was after I and my mother had washed the dishes and loaded the washer.After my father had dosed off over his medical journals. It was then when I slipped out the kitchen door and crossed the chilly backyard, dark and lonely, with yeasty smell of leaves beginning to change, noisy with the rustle of them turning colours in the dark. For a moment I looked back…

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Home School

Admission season in the private education sector – a stressful time for parents

In some cities in Pakistan we are well provided with choice and there is competition for places. The admissions process involves a lot of steps and choices and takes time too.

How to choose and what to ask?

First look at O and A level results. What grades did the best students in the school achieve? This only tells you how a small group of pupils in 3 year groups have performed in a set of tests, on a segment of the curriculum. They are only part of the picture. Education experts around the world stress that it is crucial to look beyond.