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Greet Death

By Naba Zafar from North Nazimabad Girls Campus

When death is just an inch away,

And with your loved ones, you cannot stay,

You intend not to, but you betray,

And your senses, then, begin to sway,

Who are you? To meddle with Thanatos’ work,

Who are you? To show your annoyance and irk,

Who are you? To meddle with things beyond,

Why do you think, you’ll escape and not respond?

Death is infinite, it’ll come to us all,

To the world beyond, it’ll take us to the spiritual hall,

You tremble and beg, it’ll do you no good,

Firm on your ground, you should’ve stood.

And now you face fate, so harsh and cruel,

That cannot be erased by any type of duel,

Your heart wrenches, you feel guilt all around.

You try to forget, but your life is no more, sound.

The clasps of Death, no one can escape,

A loathing person, is what it shapes,

Life is not easy, a bed full of roses – A joke.

Your fate is pre-destined, so you will choke.

A darker aspect and a living proof,

That hope shouldn’t be abandoned, treated aloof.

Your fate rests in your hands, and none other,

Your prying eyes, can see no further.

Accept the fact, that death you’ll face,

It’ll take you away, without a trace,

Be it your religion, country or race,

Death will trick you, away from your space.

So better it is, than to fight your destiny,

Regret nothing; face your so-called ‘enemy’.

Love those you need,

And always take the lead,

Remain happy, throughout your worthwhile life.

Before greeting Death, ensure nothing sits on the edge of knife.


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By Emaan Qureshi from  Gulshan Junior Campus,  Karachi

Sometimes I sit and wonder

what other mysteries there are in the world

Like how dinosaurs went extinct

or why my hair cannot stay curled


Why do ships disappear near

the Triangle of Bermuda

And does it contain

the fish Barracuda


Why are pyramids triangles

and not squares

And why are the Sun and Moon

two little spheres


Why do our muscles

rot before our bones

or why nobody has invented

their own clones???


I know I am curious

but I think it is for a good cause

But what is the difference between ketchup

and pizza sauce??

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The Mystery

By: Ali Salman Imam from Darakhshan Campus, Karachi

Night had fallen in the land of Azeroth. Shadows appeared everywhere as the streets slowly became empty. It seemed as if everything was peaceful. But this was far from the truth. Suddenly, a scream broke the silence. 3 heads turned towards the direction of the scream and rushed off.

In the darkness of the alley, they came across a horrific sight. A body lying on the ground, in its own pool of blood. It looked as if it had been rotting for quite some time. It had lost an arm and a leg was torn of at the knee. Chunks of the body were missing and the face was stuck in a look of horror and fear.

There was a look of confusion on their faces; “Who could do such a thing?” they wondered. When suddenly, heard a ghostly cackle. They turned to see a ghost, vanishing into the night. They exchanged looks and silently agreed to team up to stop the ghost.

Barot, first of the three; was tall and wore a fighting uniform. He specialized in close combat and a strange power. The second was called Tim. He was about average in appearance, focused on long-range combat and was a powerful sorcerer. Lastly, there was Santen. He looked strong, possessing a mysterious force and specialised in mid-range combat.

They decided to spend their days in gathering more information about ghosts that haunted their land. They were particularly interest in finding out about the malicious ghost. As they flipped history books and newspapers, Tim made an interesting discovery about the “specter”. History suggested that Spector had once terrorized the Azeroth, performing the same evil actions as it was doing currently. They were not sure about Spector’s whereabouts but suspected that it now resided in an alternate dimension.

Determined to stop the evil Spector, they trained day and night. As each improved his abilities and learned to work with each other, they also practiced exorcism. Over the month, the Spector had attacked multiple times, leaving several casualties each time. They knew it was time to stop him, but without mastering the method to exorcise Spector, there could be no advantage as the ghost would know about the resistance. They were however confident in their apprentices and knew in case if they failed, then someone would carry on the mission.

They stocked themselves up on supplies and made a special container to seal the ghost. They bade farewell to their apprentices, wore the invisibility cloak and opened the portal to the ghosts’ dimension. Their eyes were locked on a mysterious castle. Thousands of spirits were floating amidst stood a strange and ghostly castle. They snuck into the castle and made way to the ghosts’ resting place. The three men decided to thin out the ghosts and moved ahead as they exorcised ghost after ghost.

Finally, they reached a dark hallway; in front of them was a sea of dead bodies. They could see the ghost feasting on another body. Enraged, Santen threw a knife at the ghost. It cut of its arm. The ghost turned towards them in surprise, locking his dark gaze at the three men.

The fighters and the ghost charged at each other. The warriors tried their very best to injure and destroy the ghost but every attempt failed. Finally, as they were about to be defeated; they decided to revitalize one more time. Tim continued to injure the ghost with his long-range combat, as Baron went close to exorcise Spector. While Stan helped to keep his warrior brother protected from all the evil attacks. The spirit screeched in agony as it slowly disappeared from this plane of existence.

Ecstatic and relieved, they returned home and were met with a joyful crowd. Apparently, all the Spector victims were brought back to life as their spirits were released from the ghosts’ body. The three warriors lived in peace, protecting the world from all threats and eventually retiring happily.

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A Tribute to My Mother

By  Fatima Maqbool,  Gulshan Campus C, Karachi

To the one who cares,

Listens to me for hours about my fears.

You are the reason behind my rise,

All the beauty I see in your eyes.

You are my protector from birth to death,

I will be your defender till my last breath.

You told me how to fight all battles,

Of the world that I can’t tackle.

You told me how to fly in the sky,

Far away way to high.

Saw your love from my first blink,

If I start writing about you I think I will run out of ink.

Every profession I see in you

There is nothing that you can’t do.

Can’t forget any time,

In which you gave me all the sunshine.

You’ve given me so much,

All the warmth by your single touch.

Thank you for every shoe that you have tied

And thoughtful words that instill pride.

Thanks for all the sweet things that you do,

To help me out all year through.

I am not being sympathetic

And I promise it’s not genetic.

It is not a thank you note

The ship of my expressions float.

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By Hassan Salman Imam from Darakhshan Campus, Karachi

Humility is a responsibility

No matter,

How old you are,

How young you are,

How rich you are,

How poor you are,

And how powerful you are,

It’s the way to live,

To love and forgive,

It makes one feel elevate,

To be humble and be great,

It’s not the sign of a weak,

But a pride of someone at peak,

Let all of us together show,

Our kindness for the world to glow,

Let us become the pure one,

For which our God has chosen.


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