Description Says it All

A story in essence breathes through details, description; expressing things substantially normal and mundane. “Every night after dinner, I went out to sit outside the yard. This was after I and my mother had washed the dishes and loaded the washer.After my father had dosed off over his medical journals. It was then when I slipped out the kitchen door and crossed the chilly backyard, dark and lonely, with yeasty smell of leaves beginning to change, noisy with the rustle of them turning colours in the dark. For a moment I looked back… every day, I did, at the enormous black frame of my house…” Description makes a view, an angle, come to life; providing a fleeting window for the reader to look through. Literature and stylistics teachers, including the language teachers using stylistic as an approach tend to forget the inspiration driven out of simplicity, we all normally look for the scholastic approach, bearing more archaic language to impress more into a lesson. The simplicity, however, always scores more in any given lesson. Another example of inspiration through simple description, “A little known fact about eggs is, that one can be balanced on an end between equinox and solstice. I did not know about astrology. However, I knew that my life was going through an equinox and solstice trying desperately to find balance…” thus without knowing or bearing minimal idea about the astrological aspects of both the terms used, writer can exhibit an overwhelming picture and dimension to their piece of writing just employing ordinary objects to achieve extraordinary inspiration.


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