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Gender Equality


By Zainab Fatima from Vehari Branch 

Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, ME TOO Movement, Imparity, Differences and Discriminations, Equal Opportunities, Rights, Roles and Responsibilities. These might be some very fancy words for you all, while reading them here today, but let us just rethink today! The lines between what is feminine and what is masculine are drawn from birth. Little girls are wrapped in pink blankets and little boys in blue. Treating men and women as different is so natural & normal in today’s Global Culture. The question is, “Can different be equal?”

Yes people! It can definitely be forgotten! Women are usually considered a lower rank gender. The society doesn’t let them live a peaceful life according to their wishes. People start criticising them if they try to exercise their will and go against the norms of society.

On a global scale, achieving gender equality also requires eliminating harmful practices against women and girls, for example, sexual violence, embezzlement of property, and reduced education and employment opportunities. They are far less likely than men to be politically active and far more likely to become the victims of domestic violence.

Each gender works in its own appropriate sphere of action. In addition, praising and accepting them is our duty as fellow human beings.

Women and girls are not just daughters, mothers and wives, but they are also doctors, teachers, engineers, bankers, social workers, technicians, business owners and entrepreneurs. In some countries, they are also heading institutions, companies, families and even states. So women are in no way a lesser gender.

I hope mothers now start to teach their sons properly on how to respect a woman and fathers also show respect to all women in society regardless of family relationship, so their sons can also follow their example.


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