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Greet Death

By Naba Zafar from North Nazimabad Girls Campus

When death is just an inch away,

And with your loved ones, you cannot stay,

You intend not to, but you betray,

And your senses, then, begin to sway,

Who are you? To meddle with Thanatos’ work,

Who are you? To show your annoyance and irk,

Who are you? To meddle with things beyond,

Why do you think, you’ll escape and not respond?

Death is infinite, it’ll come to us all,

To the world beyond, it’ll take us to the spiritual hall,

You tremble and beg, it’ll do you no good,

Firm on your ground, you should’ve stood.

And now you face fate, so harsh and cruel,

That cannot be erased by any type of duel,

Your heart wrenches, you feel guilt all around.

You try to forget, but your life is no more, sound.

The clasps of Death, no one can escape,

A loathing person, is what it shapes,

Life is not easy, a bed full of roses – A joke.

Your fate is pre-destined, so you will choke.

A darker aspect and a living proof,

That hope shouldn’t be abandoned, treated aloof.

Your fate rests in your hands, and none other,

Your prying eyes, can see no further.

Accept the fact, that death you’ll face,

It’ll take you away, without a trace,

Be it your religion, country or race,

Death will trick you, away from your space.

So better it is, than to fight your destiny,

Regret nothing; face your so-called ‘enemy’.

Love those you need,

And always take the lead,

Remain happy, throughout your worthwhile life.

Before greeting Death, ensure nothing sits on the edge of knife.


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