Home Spotlight on Diversity Students' Creativity


By Farwa Zehra from North Nazimabad Girls Campus

So here Are You,

Where the day falls upon,

the birds go back to their babies after a day full of hard work,

the streets are deserted,

and the people are asleep.

So here the night rides in,

on a horse of pure midnight silk,

beckoned by the stars,

under the glow of the full moon.

The cold, eerie air whispers to me like an invisible ghost,

the trees dancing with each other,

the cats calling out to their family,

and I am reclining on the roof watching the stars, as they twinkle and share a glow,

the sweetness of Night time with each other.

I wish this never ends,

as the night shelters me,

as it warms and comforts me,

like a cosy blanket.

Within the safety of this cosy night,

I could feel my own soul all the more clearly,

the innocent inborn spark,

It is that friendly blackness that allows my eyes to rest,

and let my dreams take center stage.

And beyond this blackness of night,

are the beautiful colours of the dawn.

I wish this would be a endless night,

where I could dream and experience the dreamy, lovely beauty of this cosy,  black night.



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