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Online Learning at The City School

The world has been shaken by the Corona Virus pandemic which has had an unprecedented impact on the way we live our lives.

In Pakistan, the gravity of the pandemic was fully felt in the week of March 23rd in which the government decided to impose a lockdown in the country, to keep the number of patients of the virus down.

This meant that everyone was required to stay indoors and observe social distancing to stem the spread of the virus.

In such circumstances, The City School held consultative meetings and made in-depth plans to come up with solutions, on how students could best be provided with an education.

The disruption of regular classes meant that the school year would be affected and students would not be able to study in an orderly manner. This was something that was not acceptable to The City School management.

Collaboration with Online Learning Platforms:

With all the campuses closed, the City School rose to the challenge and brought international partners on board, so students could keep learning in the safety of their homes. These online learning platforms included Google Classrooms and Microsoft Teams.

The Early Years Classes students are now being assigned work directly by each school campus. Meanwhile, the students from Grades 3 to Grade 8 are receiving Worksheets, Video Lessons and Quizzes directly from Google Classrooms.

Online classes have also been initiated for all O/A Levels’ students on Microsoft Teams.

In this way, each level of students are being catered to and instruction is being given to them through the best available means.

The City School’s efforts have also been appreciated on a global scale, as it has become one of the first private school networks in Pakistan, to receive a Microsoft Schools status.

This means that The City School has the most updated and robust “Computing Curriculum” from KG to Class 8 and is catering to the development of students’ skills in MS Office and other Microsoft Applications.

It also means that The City School employs the use of virtual robotics and core robot programming in its computing curriculum, uses a technology-integrated and PBL approach in its subject curriculum and its students’ participate in different robotics and other competitions.

The City School also received the Microsoft School status because it has 150+ Certified Microsoft Innovative Educators (highest number in Pakistan) and the number of such educators is growing rapidly. The private school network is also using new Microsoft tools in its curriculum implementation like Office365 tools, Microsoft Forms, Planner, Teams, One Drive, Stream and Yammer etc.

In addition, The City School also dedicated a page on its official website to provide Academic Updates in the time of COVID-19, so as to lessen the concerns of the students and parents and to keep them abreast of all the developments taking place, as far as the students’ education was concerned.


Feedback and the Way Forward:

The City School has been receiving positive feedback from students, parents and teachers on the Online Learning Platforms that it has introduced. Although some students miss their school and their friends and some parents prefer the usual method of instruction, all of them believe that The City School has provided the best possible alternative in the current circumstances.

Parents have also complimented The City School for lending an active ear and support to address their needs and to make sure that their children’s studies are not compromised, given the lockdown.

The way forward is that The City School will continue to incorporate these Online Platforms to give education to the students, showcasing its status as a Microsoft School.

Even when the regular classes are resumed, students will get to experience learning through online mediums and will continue to acquire new skills, so that they truly become The Citizens of the Future, in every sense of the word.