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By Farwa Zehra from North Nazimabad Girls Campus

So here Are You,

Where the day falls upon,

the birds go back to their babies after a day full of hard work,

the streets are deserted,

and the people are asleep.

So here the night rides in,

on a horse of pure midnight silk,

beckoned by the stars,

under the glow of the full moon.

The cold, eerie air whispers to me like an invisible ghost,

the trees dancing with each other,

the cats calling out to their family,

and I am reclining on the roof watching the stars, as they twinkle and share a glow,

the sweetness of Night time with each other.

I wish this never ends,

as the night shelters me,

as it warms and comforts me,

like a cosy blanket.

Within the safety of this cosy night,

I could feel my own soul all the more clearly,

the innocent inborn spark,

It is that friendly blackness that allows my eyes to rest,

and let my dreams take center stage.

And beyond this blackness of night,

are the beautiful colours of the dawn.

I wish this would be a endless night,

where I could dream and experience the dreamy, lovely beauty of this cosy,  black night.


Home School Life Students' Creativity

Gender Equality


By Zainab Fatima from Vehari Branch 

Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, ME TOO Movement, Imparity, Differences and Discriminations, Equal Opportunities, Rights, Roles and Responsibilities. These might be some very fancy words for you all, while reading them here today, but let us just rethink today! The lines between what is feminine and what is masculine are drawn from birth. Little girls are wrapped in pink blankets and little boys in blue. Treating men and women as different is so natural & normal in today’s Global Culture. The question is, “Can different be equal?”

Yes people! It can definitely be forgotten! Women are usually considered a lower rank gender. The society doesn’t let them live a peaceful life according to their wishes. People start criticising them if they try to exercise their will and go against the norms of society.

On a global scale, achieving gender equality also requires eliminating harmful practices against women and girls, for example, sexual violence, embezzlement of property, and reduced education and employment opportunities. They are far less likely than men to be politically active and far more likely to become the victims of domestic violence.

Each gender works in its own appropriate sphere of action. In addition, praising and accepting them is our duty as fellow human beings.

Women and girls are not just daughters, mothers and wives, but they are also doctors, teachers, engineers, bankers, social workers, technicians, business owners and entrepreneurs. In some countries, they are also heading institutions, companies, families and even states. So women are in no way a lesser gender.

I hope mothers now start to teach their sons properly on how to respect a woman and fathers also show respect to all women in society regardless of family relationship, so their sons can also follow their example.

Home School Life Spotlight on Diversity Students' Creativity

World adjusting to its ‘New Normal’

By Abeeha Ali Pirzada

Humans have been granted the ability to adapt and adjust in accordance to the changes in life. Now the whole world is under the grasp of an extraordinary change named ‘COVID-19.’ It is funny how lines marking boundaries of a country act like a sheltering roof from the rest of the world; however now these lines have become blurred.

On 17 November 2019, when the first novel Coronavirus case was confirmed in Wuhan, China it still seemed far away, even though Pakistan shared a border with China.  Even when this virus started to pose a threat to the world powers, we-Pakistani students felt safe.  Though the fear of it was undeniably set in our hearts, but still we did not realise that this disease had the potential of bringing a halt to the world.

The first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Sindh on 26 February. Schools were closed on 13th March, O-level student’s CAIE’s dates were postponed, all economic activities slowed down all around the world, psychological issues increased, tourism declined and most importantly the tawaf of the ka’bah stopped.

Till 2019, it was almost impossible to bring into account the possibility of a pandemic which would change the way the world was functioning, although some like Bill Gates had given a warning 5-years prior to this outbreak.

A number of sectors were affected, but for the students, academia faced the biggest upheaval.

To adapt to the ‘new normal’ of the world, interactive classes were introduced through different platforms like Zoom, MS Teams and WebEx etc. This have proved very significant in highlighting a fact to the students that ‘ lock-down is not a holiday’.

The government has kept bookshops open, which have provided full opportunity to the students to continue with their studies. However, this is just the beginning; there is a lot more to do in order to adjust to this World’s ‘new normal’ since it is not an issue of weeks or months, its aftermath is going to be much longer and would create greater issues either by further decreasing the literacy rates or by increasing unemployment, that would result in more crimes.

At this point of time asking a question (‘what will happen after school starts?’) is just the first of hundreds of other questions: ‘ would one be reluctant in socialising after quarantining for such a long time?’ ‘Would one’s behaviour in school be the same as before?’ ‘Would hands be shook like before?’ ‘Would sitting arrangements be changed?’ ‘Would one feel comfortable when buying food from the canteen?’ All of this remains to be seen for in the future!

However, every cloud has a silver lining.  Lock-down have given students a chance to catch up and improve their weak points in studies. They have also gained an exposure of how the whole world is functioning on the pillars of remote technology, which is even in use by the top-notch organisations around the world.

In this scenario, we can keep pushing ourselves and adapting, despite this extraordinary occurrence which has shaken the world! In the end, hard work will truly pay-off in the form of a brilliant result card or as Colin Powell puts it: “there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, & learning from failure.”

Home School Life Students' Creativity

Beauty Lies in the Ears of the Beholder

By Manahil Binte Rashid from Capital Campus Islamabad

“Hi! I would like to order a java chiller with a glazed donut.”

“Sir, it will be $2.99.”

As Mathew drove, I could smell the fragrance of the fresh, warm honey coated donut. The horns beeping, the cars zapping by and the squeaks of brakes revealed that it was a Monday morning.

I was about to doze off when the car parked and the abrupt stop in the motion, stirred me. We were here…. I could hear Mathew’s steps coming towards the backseat door. As Mathew opened the door, I could feel the chilly morning breeze of November brush my face.

It had been a while that I and Mathew walked, and the rhythm of his footsteps started to jostle. I knew that we were inside a building, as I felt the warmth of the heaters radiating heat at full blast. After all those security checks, I was shuffled into a damp yet noisy room.

Placing my fingers on the oddly satisfying Braille, I read RYAN on my name card. It was my first day of therapy session and I was frightened. My stomach made all sorts of gurgling sounds and the chiller gave me a runny nose. While I was shivering, something bumped into my ankle and as I bent down, I stumbled. I almost lost my balance, but someone helped me.

I felt delicate, smooth hands on my shoulder that lifted me back to my place. That feel of softness gave me a homey feel and I stopped shivering. I could hear people laughing, sneezing, talking, cluttering, and stammering, but among all this noise, there was a voice that I had never heard before! It was magical and joyful. That was it! I was struck by something powerful.

I could feel the Adeline rush. I kept on positioning my ear as a radar to detect where the voice came from and to whom it belonged. What was this feeling? I had never felt such a sensation. It was not just an ordinary voice. It was a voice that belonged to someone special. That someone without any effort had achieved a place in my heart, or maybe had taken over it.

“Thank you all for your visit, see you all tomorrow!” I couldn’t believe it! The session that seemed to take forever, had just ended in a blink. On my ride back to the villas, I felt incomplete. The sweet and delicate voice kept on ringing in my ears and I could hear it echo in my room.

Days went by and the words spoken by my perfect lady engraved not only in my mind, but also in my heart. Every day I woke up an extra thirty minutes early and tried to dress up the best I could. To stand out I used the perfume Nana sent me from Paris. I could perceive the colours that had been painted in my world. I didn’t want to ‘see’ my therapist, because she had already been painted the way I liked in my hidden canvas.

Sitting on those bare chairs and listening to her footsteps coming towards me, would give me butterflies. As she came nearer, I could sniff out the eau de toilette and the scent of delicate moisturizers. The pungent scent of evaporated alcohol showed that she wore nail paints of different colours every day. Was this love? This was an emotion that I had never experienced before.

This continued for about four months, but then suddenly she was gone! I didn’t hear her voice again! She must have been promoted, but still it upset me. I knew somewhere deep in my heart that a blind guy like me would be left alone pleading to be loved. She will always hold a special place in my heart and I couldn’t be more grateful to her, who had left a vibrant world for me to rewind again and again – wiping off the tears from my cheek.