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What’s the Secret to learning a New Language?

I remember the time when all my friends looked at me with utter surprise when they found me lip-syncing to my favourite Spanish song. Now who doesn’t want to be able to sing a song of their choice in a foreign language?

You must have heard people saying that you learn languages faster as a kid. Well I used to take French classes when I was little and ‘Bonjour’ is all I can remember of it. There is no right or wrong age to learn a language- there is of course the right attitude to do so. And if you ask me, the right attitude would mean to be to enjoy the whole process of learning a new language. It wasn’t until I developed an extreme interest in Spanish music that I decided to learn the language. First it was the music, then their culture and then the appreciation for the Spanish people that made me take interest in the language. I really wanted to be able to understand the expressions they used in their songs and movies which is why I decided to learn the language. I would stalk and follow every rapper/ singer/ actor that I like and try to understand what they are saying while taking Spanish lessons. I am visiting Spain as soon as I am confident enough to carry a conversation in Spanish and I cannot wait for that.

So if you are getting sceptical about learning a new language, just know that all you need is passion to speak that new language and an inquisitive mind for the culture regardless of your age. Without enjoying the process of learning a language, you can never do that. So which language do you think you want to start learning right now?

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    Fahad Khan

    Beautifully written. Would like to get more updates about your new blogs.


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